Parrot-Supplies California Top Opening Parrot Cage - Black

Parrot-Supplies California Top Opening Parrot Cage - Black

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Open the top of this cage, insert a perch and you have a great place for your Parrot to perch. Fix some of your Parrot's favorite toys to create a fun play top! 

The large cage door ensures that you have the best access when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the inside of the cage, meaning no awkward stretching to reach those corners!

The Parrot-Supplies Open Top Cage comes with seed catchers, helping to reduce the amount of waste ending up all over your floor, meaning less time cleaning up and more time to enjoy with your bird.

All the feeders fix to swing out doors for ease of access and help to reduce any stress to your bird.

The use of castors ensures that moving your cage is easy, especially useful when cleaning and maintaining the back sections of your Parrot's cage.

Total Height 175cm (68.75")
Width 66cm (26")
Depth 56cm (22")
Inside Height 119cm (47")
Inside Dimensions 119 x 62 x 52cm (46.75 x 24,5 x 20.5")
Add approx 20cm (8") to width and depth for seed catcher

Bar Spacing - 25mm (1")
Bar Thickness - 4mm
Weight: 34kg

***Please Note All Cage Dimensions Are Approximate***

Cage Accessories
3 Swing Out Feeders
2 Perches in Cage
Seed Catcher
Slide Out Metal Grille and Tray

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