Adventure Travel Canvas Carrier Bag - Medium

Adventure Travel Canvas Carrier Bag - Medium

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A convenient over the shoulder travel bag with adjustable strap and carry handle. Great fun for taking your birds out walking with you. If your bird is needing a vets trip this travel bag can easily be strapped into the seat of your car. When taking out a harness trained bird you may not want them journeying on your shoulder, the travel bag is a convenient way to transport your bird.

The large travel bag has 2 fittings for perch heights so you can choose the level to most suit your bird. The bag also has a bottom cover which is attached with velcro so it can easily be removed for cleaning.

Size approx 26.5cm W x 18.75cm D x 37.5cm H

The parrot travel bag is not a fashion accessory. It must be used with care and checked regularly for fraying and signs of chewing. Only suitable for none destructive birds.

Colour: Black

Perch included

Size suitable for Senegals, Caiques, Conures, Parakeets etc

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