2 X Giant Parrot Toys - Pack D - RRP £48.99

2 X Giant Parrot Toys - Pack D - RRP £48.99

  • £48.99
  • £27.00

This Collection Of 2 Large Parrot Toys Will Keep The Largest Of Parrots Amused And Occupied For Weeks With Plenty Of Colourful Blocks And Rope To Chew, Its A Great Bundle Of Toys And A Must Have For Any Cage, Our Blue And Gold Macaws And African Greys Love Them, RRP £48.99

1 X 52cm Giant Macaw Parrot Swing, Extra Large Parrot Toy, Large Cockatoo Toy

1 X Parrot-Supplies 62cm Large Rope Triangle Parrot Swing Toy

00657, 00810

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