Liberta Apollo Top Opening Parrot Cage - White

Liberta Apollo Top Opening Parrot Cage - White

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A spacious cage for small and medium sized Parrots.

The Liberta Apollo Top Opening Parrot Cage has a top opening section. Using one of the wood perches supplied you can provide a place for your bird to play or relax.

The four plastic feeding bowls can be removed without having to enter the cage, making it easier to replenished their water and food. Plus, it’s less stressful for your feathered friend.

The large drop-down door allows good access inside for general maintenance. Plus, there’s a removable tray for ease of cleaning.

The wheels make it easy to move around your home.

External Dimensions
Width 80cm (31.5")
Depth 60cm (23.5")
Height 155cm (61")
Please allow an additional 20cm (8”) to the Width and Depth when using the seed catcher.

Internal Dimensions
Height 96cm (37.75”)
Depth 58cm (22.75”)
Width 78cm (30.5”)

Bar Spacing 1.7cm
Bar Thickness 3mm

4 Plastic Bowls
3 Perches – 1x 62cm (24.5”) Open Top Perch and x2 79cm (31”) internal perches
Pull Out Tray

Suitable For The Following Birds

  • - Caiques
  • - Large Conures
  • - Meyer's and Senegal Parrots
  • - Quakers also known as the Monk Parakeet
  • - African Greys & Amazons

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